The Pharmacy & Poisons Act makes provisions for trade in drugs and poisons and also establishes the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.  The Board’s function is to prepare and submit to the Minister for his approval a list of substances to be treated as poisons for purposes of the Act.  The list shall consists or Part I poisons and Part II Poisons.

Part I poisons may only be sold by people who are authorised as sellers of poisons and these are people licensed to carry on the business of the Pharmacist and it might also be sold by licensed dealers and dealers in mining, agricultural and horticultural accessories.  Part I poisons are the more dangerous poisons.  Essentially in order to obtain Part I poisons ordinarily one needs a prescription.

Part II poisons might be sold by persons who are not necessarily pharmacist.  Section 30 sets up a poisons book in which sales are to be recorded.  The containers are to be labelled with the name of the poison.  The proportion of the poisonous ingredients, the sellers name and address and if the item is not sold but otherwise supplied, then the supplier’s name.


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