There are Sections that make provisions for payment of registration fees.  At any rate the two statutes are Section 117 of the GLA and Section 156 of the RLA.  The essence of S. 117 is that no document shall be registered unless the registration fees have been paid. And S. 156 is to the same effect.  Under subsidiary legislation, the exact amount is provided under the GLA the subsidiary law is the Government Lands Registration Fees Rules, under the LTA the subsidiary law is the Land Titles Registration Fees Rules.   Under the RTA the 2nd Schedule and under the RLA it is under the 5th Schedule and if it is under Registration of Documents Act Cap 285 you go to the registration of documents fee registration.

Land Control Act Cap 302 – the consent of the land control board.  Section 2 which defines Agricultural Land. 

Section 6 – list transactions that require LCB Consent, it has also list of transactions that don’t require consent.

Section 8 dealing with the procedure for obtaining consent.

Section 13 – Effect of the decision of the land control board or land appeals board

Section 9 – transcribe the whole Section which gives situations in which land control Board consent ought generally not to be given.

Section 24 – transcribe

Rates Clearance Certificate

Section 86 of the Registered Land Act Cap 300
Section 33 of the RTA

Land Rent Clearance Certificate

Section 86A of the RLA


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