This is document furnished by the insurer for completion by the proposer. It varies I form and content depending on the contract applied for. It solicits specific information pertaining to the proposer and subject matter. It generally seeks information relating to;
  1. Name, postal address, occupation and residence of the proposer as well as the location of the subject matter.
  2. The risk or risks to be insured where the proposer does not seek an all risk policy. The duration of the cover must be specified and must be specific.
  3. Circumstances affecting the risk. These are circumstances peculiar to the subject matter as they determine the scope of the risk to be undertaken.
  4. The history of the subject matter; I.e. whether the risk has previously attached, previous insurance, refusals if any, including any cancellation. In addition the proper depose that the information provided is true and forms the basis of the contract between the parties. This is refereed to as the basis of the contract clause.

This information enables the insurer to make a fair decision whether or not to insure the risk and how much premium to charge


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