One has to name the Inventor
Name the Applicant
Description – the inventor must specifically describe their invention, give background art or background technology.
Designation of the State
The best mode of working the patent must be stated.  The cheapest, easiest most efficient way of working the patent.  How best can it be done.  Include specifications and be clear on what you are claiming.  Specification should be accompanied by a drawing where appropriate, sometimes it may not be easy to have a drawing.  The significance of drawing is related to the Chinese Proverb that a picture is worth a thousand words.
What exactly does one want to protect?  East African Breweries v Castle
A claim may be broad or narrow and most inventors tend to make their claims very broad and use words like all rights etc.  this is not acceptable in many countries, in US they allow broad patent claims for certain reasons
One is allowed to make as many patent applications as possible but each application must have a unity of claim, if it is a writing instrument, patent it for writing but not as a beverage.


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