RDA 1901 (Cap 285)

Under this Act, isolated transactions relating to land are recorded and registered in an unco-ordinated manner.  The Act is also used for registering transactions relating to adjudicated claims at the coast.  There are no separate folios for each piece of land.

Prefix CR is for Coast
IR is for the rest of the country
IRN any trust land
Director of Survey issues these numbers.

Under RTA we have a register for every land.  The register is a duplicate of the Grant Certificate of Title issued to the proprietor.  The original is kept by the proprietor.

Since the enactment of the RLA in 1963, some of the titles registered under the LTA, GLA and RTA have been converted to the RLA on a voluntary basis.


Under the RLA there is an Registry Index Map – there are no Deeds.

The Difference between a Registry Index Map and a Survey Deed Plan - the survey deed plan shows only for a given piece of land and Registry Index Map shows the entire district.

RTA has two numbers a- one the one that has the IR. CR IRN
IR is given by director of survey refers to the register
L.R. No. 209/55/5 – refers to the particular parcel we are concerned with.
RTA for drafting purposes
Either a transfer or a discharge


Value of this property for purposes of stamp duty is … this is written when the transfer is a gift with consideration being love and affection.  When it is a husband giving a gift to his wife, this is an advancement meaning that a husband an obligation to provide for his wife.

Habendum:  tells the interest that is being conveyed.  To hold for all the residue of the term unexpired for the rest of 99 years.  In a lease  this is where you set out the terms and any exceptions and reservations are also set out here.


Found only in a lease, it begin with the words Yielding and paying

Covenants – “The Lessor hereby covenants that ..


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