1.                  In relation to inquiry –Section 58 provides that the registrar may of his own accord and shall on the direction of the Minister or on the application of not less than one third of the members voting at a meeting of the society duly advertised hold an inquiry into the bylaws working and financial condition of any society.  All officers and members of the society shall produce such cash accounts books, documents and securities of the society and furnish such information in regard to its affairs as the person holding the inquiry may require.  The registrar shall report the findings of his inquiry by tabling it at a general meeting which shall determine what action or steps to take on such report. 
2.                  IN relation to Inspection:  Section 59 provides that the registrar may if he thinks fit on the application of a creditor inspect or direct some persons authorised by him in writing to inspect the books of the society if
(a)                The creditor satisfied the registrar that the debt is a sum then due and he has demanded payment and has not received satisfaction within a reasonable time;

(b)               The applicant deposits with the registrar such sum as security for the expenses of the inspection as the registrar may require.  After the inquiry the registrar shall inform the creditor of the results of the inspection. 

Where an inquiry is held or an inspection is made the registrar may make an order apportioning the expenses of the inquiry or inspection between the society, the members or creditors demanding the inquiry or inspection and the officers or former officers of the society and his decision thereof is final.  Any sum awarded by way of expenses shall be a civil debt recoverable summarily on the production of the registrar’s certificate.


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