Criminal cases are initiated by a complaint being lodged.  A complaint can be lodged with the police.  The complaints can also be lodged with magistrates and the proper clinical way is by way of lodging a complaint with the police station which is recorded in the Occurrence Book in the Police Station, it will record who the complainant is and what the complaint is.  The decision to file a case depends on the information in the OB, the police will take a statement from the complainant, visit the scene of the incident and the police will lift finger prints, they will take notes of any breakages if any, if it is a murder scene, they will make photographs of the scene and make arrangements for the body to be examined by a pathologist.  Once the police decide what kind of offence has been committed, they draw a charge sheet.

The police after all these decisions have made can proceed and make an arrest of the suspect.  The provisions are such that in most cases the police can arrest a suspect without a warrant of arrest. 


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