• A power of attorney is a document authorizing a person to do the acts of another.

  • The power may be limited and may refer to particular acts or it may be unlimited and general in its form.

  • When the document of the power of attorney is registered, it is under Cap 285 in the Registry of Documents, the document must also be registered in the land registry relating to the property that is the subject matter of the transaction.  This also means that when the attorney is signing the charge, his power of attorney particulars must be given in the instrument.

  • A power of attorney must be executed by the Donor of the Power and thereafter stamped and registered in the Register of Powers of Attorney.

  • In the case of land transactions, the power of Attorney must also be registered at the land registry where the property is registered.

The following provisions are on powers of attorneys
v  The GLA – Section 108
v  The RTA Section 50-51 Form M (Revocation of Power – Form N)
v  The RLA Sections 114-117; Form L17 is the Statutory Form; Revocation Form if RL 18


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