1.                  Every society is required to have a registered address to which notices and communication may be sent and is required to send to the registrar notice of every change of address within one month thereof. 

2.                  Every society is required to keep a copy of the act and rules and of its own bylaws as well as a list of its members at its registered office.  These shall be kept open for inspection by any person free of charge at all reasonable times during business hours.

3.                  every society is required to keep proper books of accounts prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards and which shall be necessary to give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the society and to explain its transactions including the following:

(a)    All sums of money received and paid by the society and the reasons thereto;
(b)   All sales and purchases of goods by the society; and
(c)    All assets and liabilities of the society.

These books of accounts are to be kept at the registered office and or such other places as may be determined by the society and shall at all times be available for inspection by any member of its supervisory committee and the auditor.
4.                  It is a duty of every society to cause its accounts to be audited at least once a year by an auditor appointed at an annual general meeting held 3 months before the end of the financial year.  Where at such meeting no auditor or auditors are appointed or deemed to be reappointed, the commissioner is required to convene a special general meeting of the society with a direction to appoint a person to fill the vacancy and his or her remuneration to be borne by the society.  Such remuneration is to be fixed by the society in an annual general meeting or in such manner as it may be determined.  The audited accounts shall include the following matters:
(a)    A balance Sheet;
(b)   A surplus and loss account; and
(c)    A cash flow statement and shall be approved by the members of the committee and authenticated by at least 3 office bearers including the treasurer of the society in accordance with its by-laws. 

Every auditor shall submit the audited accounts and balance sheet to the members in an annual general meeting convened 3 months after the end of the counting period and shall include his opinion as to whether or not the society’s business has been conducted

(i)                 in accordance with the provisions of the Act and whether the books of accounts kept by the society are in agreement therewith and give a true and fair view of its state of affairs; and
(ii)               The society’s business must be conducted in accordance with the society’s objectives, bylaws and any other decisions made by the society in a general meeting. 

The auditor has the right of access to the accounting records and all books and documents of the society and may demand such information and explanations from every officer and employee as he may deem necessary in the performance of his duties as an auditor.  The auditor has a right to attend any general meeting of the society to receive all notices and other communication relating to any general meeting which a member of the society is entitled to receive and he has a right to be heard at such meeting on any part of the business which concerns him as an auditor.  He has the power where necessary to do the following:

1.      To summon at the time of his audit any officer, agent, servant or member of the society whom he has reasons to believe can give information in regard to the transactions of the society or management of its affairs;

2.      He has the power to require the production of any book or document relating to the affairs of the society or any cash or securities belonging to the society by the officer, agent, servant or member having custody or possession of such book, document, cash or securities

Under Section 25 (9) every society shall within 30 days of the annual general meeting at such time or in such form as may be prescribed file with the registrar any annual return together with a certified true copy of the audited accounts and Balance Sheet of the society for each period of 12 months.

Under Section 26 of the Act it is provided that “any officer, agent, servant or member of the society who is required by the registrar or by a person authorised in writing by him so to do shall at such place and time as the registrar may direct produce all monies securities, books, accounts and documents belonging to or relating to the affairs of such society which are in his custody.


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