Section 179-190 of the CPC sets out specific cases where this may happen

When one is charged with an offence consisting of several particulars, a combination of some only which constitutes a complete minor offence; may be convicted of the offence although he was not charged with it. 

Where the facts provided reduce the offence to a minor one.
One may also be convicted of attempt of the offence charged depending on the facts and evidence adduced.

Offences relating to the infant or unborn child and abortion matters, it is possible to charge a person with murder of a child and then it can be reduced to infanticide.  In such situations if the circumstances show a different offence one can be found guilty of that other offence.

In manslaughter in connection to driving a motor vehicle – may be found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving.

Administering Oaths – these are offences that one can be charged with where they did not actually administer but recruited people.

Charge of rape – may be found guilty of any other offences c/s 144, 145, 148, 166 of CPC.
Charge of Incest section 144 and 145 of PC
Charge of Defilement – 144 and 148 of the Penal Code
Offences under Charter XXIX of the Penal Code
Theft – Sections 322, 323 of the Penal Code or obtaining by false pretences.  The court may reduce charge of theft and substitute with the one revealed by the evidence.
Obtaining by false pretences – evidence can lead to a charge of theft.

One cannot find one guilty with an offence that one is charged with, it can be comparable or less.


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