Certain transactions require consents before the documents relating thereto can be registered.  The following consents are the most important.

Land Control Board Consent:

Land Control Act Cap 302

Purpose of the Land Control Act is to control transactions in Agricultural land. 

Land Control Areas and Land Control Boards have therefore been set up under the Act for this purpose.

Section 2 defines “Agricultural land.” It means
a)                  Land that is not within-
(i)                 a municipality or township
(ii)               an area which was a township under the Township Ordinance (now repealed)
(iii)             an area which was a trading centre under the Trading Ordinance (now repealed)
(iv)             a market.

Land in the Nairobi area or in any municipality, township or urban centre that is declared by the Minister by notice in the Gazette, to be agricultural land for purposes of this Act.  Under the proviso to Section 2, the definition of agricultural land excludes land which, by reason of any condition or covenant in the title thereto or any limitation imposed by law, is subject to the restriction that it may not be used for agriculture or to the restriction that it may not be used for agriculture or to the requirement that it shall be used for non-agricultural purpose.

Partition          with partition property is owned by tenants in common owning the land together and want the property to be divided so they can all get to their own share,  following partition titles are issued to each tenant in common

Subdivision – single owner subdivides and keeps or decides to sell, if he sells a title for every subdivision can be gotten.

Section 6(2) a donor declaring a gift of land



Application for letter of LCB Form are available for free , the forms are availed free of charge.


If an applicant is dissatisfied

Can non-citizens acquire LCB consent to purchase land? No under Section 9 (1) but under Section 24 the president can give exemption.

Mortgage – consent clause referring to the interests of the Chargee or Mortgagee
Land rent demand note is a not showing a figure that is trough


5.                  Registration ensures the efficient administration of the loan system.  The security of title which flows from registration makes it possible for property owners to obtain loans from financial institutions.

6.                  Effective facilitation of conveyances of land:  a prospective purchaser has more faith dealing with an owner whose land is registered.

7.                  Nominee


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